Classes and Lessons

We are happy to offer a variety of classes at American Cheer Elite. Classes are run by our qualified, experienced staff and are open to the public as well as current members. Read about our class offerings below or book a private tumbling lesson with a coach.

Tumbling Classes

Beginner Tumbling
Focuses on advanced level 1 tumbling such as walkovers. Great for athletes who can execute proper cartwheels and fall to bridges.
Prerequisite: Cartwheel

Intermediate Tumbling
Built for athletes who have mastered their walkovers and are ready to work towards back handsprings.
Prerequisite: Back Walkover

Advanced Tumbling
For athletes who have mastered their back handsprings. This class focuses on skills such as tucks, punch fronts, and aerials.
Prerequisite: Multiple Back Handsprings

Additional Classes

Strength and Flex
Through targeted conditioning exercises and stretching routines, your athlete will enhance their physical strength and range of motion.